Inkjet Printable Patient ID wristbands with Adhesive Closure

ProBand® Inkjet Printable Patient ID wristbands with Adhesive Closure

On-demand inkjet printable patient wristbands for ease of use and deployment.

IdenPro’s ProBand™ inkjet printable wristbands capabilities improve identification, helping prevent critical errors in a number of applications. Designed with the user in mind, these consumables can be effortlessly replaced in the printer. These wristbands are affordable, compatible, durable and flexible

Print On Demand – these wristbands can be printed anywhere, anytime – on demand. This eliminates the need for costly pre-printed supplies whilst letting you keep higher volumes of standard blank wristbands in stock and gives you the added flexibility of adding color to the design and use these colors for enhanced patient safety. These color printable wristbands makes printing of patient photo-ID to logo’s and signs for alerts and even fancy designs for children’s distraction possible, while maintaining the essential error-free barcode identification and other required print data.

Supplied in roll form, our wristbands are tear-proof and highly durable as the prints can resist abrasion, smudging, fading, water and most other liquids. Benefit of using inkjet printable wristbands is its improved security, as thermal transfer ribbons can carry imprints of sensitive information.

Contact us, for more information on the product and its printer compatibility, so that it can fit in well with your existing infrastructure.

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