Hospital RFID Wristbands

ArgusID® Patient ID Wristbands

IdenPro’s most popular wristbands with best in class performance and durability

Idenpro’s ArgusID® patient ID wristbands have superior image durability and can resist damage due to moisture, hand sanitizers, soaps and other solutions that can cause fading. These wristbands come with a special anti-microbial coating for added protection.

Our wristbands are supplied in roll form and are compatible with leading thermal printers that are being offered by well-known printer manufacturer in the market. This ensures that the hospital does not have to keep changing its printers that already accept media in roll form.

These wristbands are BPA free and latex free and are designed for easy deployment, quick printing and securing onto the patient

Contact us to help you select the right wristband product that is compatible with your current printer, ensuring a hassle free deployment.

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ProBand® Thermal Wristband with Adhesive Closure

ProBand® Thermal Wristband with Adhesive Closure

Adhesive closure thermal wristbands. Comfortable, durable and reliable.

ProBand Inkjet Printable Wristband with Adhesive Closure

ProBand® Inkjet Printable Wristband with Adhesive Closure

Inkjet printable wristbands for ease of use and durability.

Thermal Transfer Printable Wristbands (Ribbon)

SnapBand® Thermal Wristband with Clip Closure

Thermal wristbands with clip closure for long stay applications.

Laser Printable Wristband + Chart Label Sheets

SoftBand® Extra Soft Thermal Wristband

Our range extra soft thermal wristbands for enhanced patient comfort. Adhesive & clip closure options.