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Arab Health 2024

Arab Health 2024 : Recap of Our Experience

We are thrilled to share our exciting experience at Arab Health 2024, where we had the opportunity to connect with an incredibly high number of visitors. The majority of our interactions stemmed from attendees hailing from the Middle East, while we were equally delighted to engage with inquiries from long-distance travellers.

One of the most notable aspects of this year's event was the influx of new contacts. It was surprising and refreshing to see a significant turnover in our visitor demographics. Amidst the flurry of new connections, we were delighted to reunite with our loyal and supportive partners, fostering relationships that continue to drive our success

At the heart of our discussions lay the revolutionary shift towards single-use tourniquets, exemplified by our innovative Tourni-S product. We were truly astonished by the widespread recognition of the necessity to transition from reusable to single-use solutions, with attendees praising the simplicity and efficacy of Tourni-S. Moreover, many visitors expressed keen interest in exploring private label versions of the tourniquet for enhanced brand promotion opportunities.

A particularly heartwarming moment came from the reception to our child-friendly version of Tourni-S, evoking smiles and enthusiasm from all who encountered it.

As we reflect on our time at Arab Health 2024, we extend our gratitude to all who visited our booth and engaged in meaningful conversations. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to reconnect next year, furthering our journey towards innovation and excellence together. Until then, we look forward to the remarkable strides we will collectively make in advancing healthcare solutions.

Medica 2023

Medica 2023

Medica 2023 has ended. It was a pleasure meeting so many of you and discussing the crucial topic of patient safety. The overall interest in our products, particularly the ArgusID wristbands and Tourni-S single-use tourniquets, truly resonated with our commitment to enhancing patient safety in healthcare settings. It's heartening to connect with people who understand the significance of these solutions in providing quality care. Thanks a lot for dropping by and connecting with us. Excited about forging fresh connections and solidifying bonds with our steadfast partners! Get a glimpse of the expo here

DMEA Berlin

DMEA Berlin 2023

DMEA Berlin - Idenpro’s participation to DMEA Berlin didn’t pass by unnoticed. With a booth positioned just next to the entrance, every visitor to the show could notice that a sage patient journey starts with the right patient identification. There was once again a particular interest in our SoftBands, offering truly unique features and superior patient comfort. It was also nice meeting again with some of the partners and suppliers we already work with.



Arab Health - Dubai, UAE - Our first participation in Arab Health was a big success, with a tremendous number of visitors and an unexpectedly high interest of visitors in patient safety matters. Most visitors recognised the printable patient identification wristbands from their own experience when being admitted to a hospital, but very few have ever asked themselves what specifications these must comply with or how integration in the Hospital Information System is done.
The same visitors were even more surprised that dozens of medical studies have proven that reusable tourniquets for IV-procedures are heavily contaminated with all kinds of bacteria, and that we all just seem to accept that it is being applied around our arm. The need to switch over to single-use tourniquets has been proven and Tourni-S offers a great solution for that while fully complying with aseptic procedures.
Together we can make the world of healthcare a safer place!

Medica 2022

Medica 2022

MEDICA 2022 - Dusseldorf, Germany - It was a fantastic event, with lots of existing partners reconnecting and new potential partners showing interest in both our range of products. ArgusID wristbands stay important and gained lots of interest, as most people now realize that a 100% positive patient identification is very important for patient safety. The SoftBands and especially the just launched child and infant version of these were of particular interest to many. For Tourni-S, the paediatric version with a focus on distraction therapy drew lots of interest as most visitors could well imagine that IV-procedures for kids can be quite scary. With it's well-thought design of the packaging and the tourniquet itself young children could easily be distracted and feel more comfortable during the process.


Global Health & Pharma Technology Awards 2019

IdenPro BV - has been recognised by Global Health & Pharma through its Technology Awards programme for our contributions in the field of healthcare through innovative adoption of technological advancements in our products.
Awards: GHP Magazine Announces Winners of the 2019 GHP Technology Awards
Winners List: Technology Awards - Full Winners Listing 2019

IdenPro @ Medica-2019

Medica 2019

MEDICA 2019 - Dusseldorf, Germany - IdenPro had an excellent outing at Medica 2019 and enjoyed every bit of it interacting with customers and showcasing our range of Patient ID wristbands and other healthcare products. The booth had visitors from over 60 different nationalities and attracted a lot of attention towards our newly launched brands of healthcare products and solutions. We also saw huge interest in our patient safety solutions and inkjet printable wristbands. We hope to be back next year with some interesting new additions.