Patient ID Wristbands

ArgusID® Patient ID Wristbands

Innovative designs, premium materials, focus on user experience & easy deployment, are key attributes of IdenPro's Patient ID wristbands range.

Hospital RFID Wristbands

IdenPro's ArgusID® is a comprehensive range of Patient ID wristbands have been developed with the objective of achieving Positive Patient Identification. We've designed our wristbands around patients, keeping their comfort in mind.

Our Thermal wristbands (with optional RFID functionality) & Laser printable wristbands feature superior image durability, which resists fading due to moisture, hand sanitizer, soaps and other solutions. Extensively tested in labs, our wristbands come with special antimicrobial coatings for added protection.

IdenPro's extra Soft Wristband Solutions provide enhanced patient comfort without sacrificing functionality. Latex free, our wristbands are designed for easy deployment, for quick printing & securing onto the patient.

We'd be pleased to offer you free consultation & help you choose the right wristband product, specific to your needs. Contact us today to also explore our System Integration solutions.

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Direct thermal / Thermal Transfer Wristbands

Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer / Inkjet Wristbands

Direct thermal, thermal transfer and inkjet wristbands for optimal performance and durability

Thermal Transfer Printable Wristbands (Ribbon)

Laser Printable Wristbands + Patient Chart labels

Laser-printable wristbands offer convenience and high performance

Laser Printable Wristband + Chart Label Sheets

i-Band® RFID Wristbands

Wide range of RFID Wristbands

System Integration

System Integration Solutions

Wide range of System Integration solutions