Number bib with 1 UHF Foam Transponder, a proven cost-effective solution for race timing

IdenPro’s Tyvek number bibs are supplied with sharp 4c and variable data printing. The bibs have punched out holes on all 4 corners for easy application onto the participant. Tear-resistant, waterproof, stretch resistant, flexible & durable, IdenPro’s number bibs is your answer to a successful sporting event.

We offer in 2 different sizes i.e. 152.4 / 228.6mm x 210mm dimensions

A UHF passive foam transponder is attached to the back on the number bib and send out an unique signal which enables the reader to identify the athlete and record their race times. The UHF passive foam transponder comes encoded and printed, and the number bibs are supplied with pre-application of the foam transponder of the backside of the bib. This makes the bibs ready for use straight after unboxing them thereby saving time and eliminating hassles of assembling them.

The product is designed for a single use and is to be disposed after the finishing the event. They can also be taken home by the participant as a souvenir from the event.


  • Marathon and Triathlons
  • Running Races
  • Mud Races

For more details please drop us an inquiry or us call at +32 470 311 907 and we will be glad to respond to you as quickly as possible.

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