hospital baby identifcation wristband

SoftBand® Extra Soft Thermal Patient ID Wristbands

Pliable extra soft Thermal wristbands for enhanced patient comfort. Designed specially for patients/infants with sensitive skin

IdenPro’s SoftBand® extra soft range of Direct thermal & Thermal transfer printable wristbands provide enhanced levels of comfort to patients/infants without sacrificing on functionality.

In addition, wristbands have been designed with rounded corners to ensure there are no sharp edges causing patient dis-comfort.

The range includes Wristbands with clip or adhesive closure options and come in Adult/pediatric & infant sizes.

Featuring superior image durability, which resists fading due to moisture, hand sanitizer, soaps and other solutions. Extensively tested in labs, our wristbands come with special antimicrobial coatings for added protection.

Drop us an inquiry or call us at +32 470 311 907 so that we can help in selecting the right wristband product compatible with your printer, so that no changes need to be made to your current infrastructure.

CushionSoft™ Soft cushioning foam for wristbands to provide additional comfort

CushionSoft is an easy to assemble ultra-soft cushioning foam sitting below a wristband to be used for patients with sensitive skin. Made from medical grade materials, CushionSoft is offered in standard sizes meant to be mounted on our range of Proband and SoftBand wristbands. Once the wristband is printed, the hospital staff has the choice to apply the wristband directly to the patient or to first apply it to the CushionSoft foam band. CushionSoft offers resistance to water, soaps, alcohol and all other common disinfectants used in the hospital environment.

This closed-cell structure foam is intended to be positioned between the wristband and the skin, avoiding any direct contact of the wristband and the skin. The foam has an adhesive strip running across its length aligned at the center. A foam band is prepared by removing the liner (cover protecting the adhesive part), positioning the foam band flat on a table with the adhesive side up. The tail end of the printed wristband should be aligned with any end-side of the foam while mounting it on the foam. The backside (inside) of the printed wristband can then be applied to the foam while keeping its self-adhesive patch free and closed. The result of the ‘construction’ should be that the adhesive part of the foam band is completely covered while the self-adhesive patch of the wristband used to close it is intact and accessible to apply it to the patient.

Contact us, to know more about the product and the ArgusID® patient ID wristbands it is compatible with.

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